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Between Land and Sea

Fresh  from the Farm, Cornwall

These are beers we can justly call our own; an accolade few in the world can claim. Whether in the fruits of our orchards, from foraged herbs, or captured in the native yeasts we culture - the Beers from the Hinterland bare Harbour's heart and soul.

Unique blends reflecting the essence of Cornwall; the benefit of brewing on a 15-acre farm.

Harbour Brewing Co
Harbour Brewing Co
Harbour Brewing Co

The Custom-built Brewery

At Harbour, we have a playful side - and nothing shows this more than our latest project.

Alongside our ABE semi-automated four-vessel brewhouse, we're adding an open-top French oak fermenter, a  terracotta Amphora, foudres, plus a variety of barrels sourced from across the world. All to complement our custom-built coolship - the kit that allows us to culture native yeast and brew spontaneously-fermented beers.

If you're in the county, you've got to check this out!

Growing Solo with Sustainability in Mind

Our farm has blessed us with all manner of great produce - heritage apples and cherries from the orchards, herb gardens dotted around the land (or growing wild in the hedgerows!) - and this all contributes to the unique composition of our beers. So, we do our best to give back.

Our pigs feast on the spent malt, excess fruit and scraps. These guys help manage our waste and fertilise the fields; while the grains and green space keep them happy as a pig in...

“From the outset, we made it our ambition to produce beer from - and of - our land.”


From the outset, we made it our ambition to produce beer from - and of - our land. Beer with a sense of place; beer that could not be made anywhere else. For this to work, we needed two things: to grow ingredients and to culture native yeast.

We now have our coolship - a vessel of Belgian Lambic-brewing heritage, but with rich traditions in British industry - and we've planted the herb gardens. The yeast is unique to Harbour; the ingredients are our own.

The time is now for a genuinely Cornish beer.