Our manifesto

Raise a glass

A love of the craft

Matching our love for the traditional Cornish lifestyle with a dedication to modern brewing techniques, we take the best of what's at our fingertips, combined with all we've learnt through years in the industry. We brew solid, well rounded beers reflecting the ruggedness of their home; with smiles, you'll never shift.

We're biased, but we brew from the best place on the planet.

Serious about beer

But Never Too Serious

The Harbour Beer Co. lives and dies by the quality of its beer; so yes, we take beer seriously. But, while the work is serious, life is for living.

As important as the product is the experience that goes in. We know with the right people, in the right place, with a concerted effort - the beer takes care of itself.

The beer defines our lifestyle: from the dark, warming stout after a wintery November surf to the summer-BBQ citrus-burst of an Ellensberg IPA. If the quality is off, the experience takes the hit.

We are blessed with where we live; we pay homage to our fortune through the nature of our brew.

Harbour Brewing Co
Harbour Brewing Co

We are blessed with where we live; we pay homage to our fortune through the nature of our brew.

Investing in What We Do

We have invested in a 30bbl, ABE four-vessel brewery: twenty-two fermenters, four conditioning tanks, one bottling line and one canning line - we turn out one-can-per-second.

A 5bbl automated experimental brew kit with 4 fermenters, 2 conditioning tanks, 3 foudres, amphora, oak open top fermenter and we will carry on investing in our future.

Spirit and enthusiasm in everything we brew

Every beer we produce is the product of our experience: whether from life in Cornwall, expeditions throughout the United States, or BBQ competitions held among brewing friends across Europe.

These all inspire the unique identity of Harbour.