Craft Beer From Cornwall
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Craft Beer From Cornwall

Harbouring a dream:

Brewing from the farm

In 2012, The Harbour Brewing Co. was just a fledgling idea: to brew proper beer reflecting the land (and shores) from where it came. Taking the best raw ingredients - awesome hops, Cornish spring water tapped straight from the source - and bringing them to life through dedication to technique. The concept evolved by the ocean - hence, 'Harbour' - but the beer came into being on the farm. There is joy in returning to the roots of the ingredients. And the heritage of the space, of the land, of the ocean, remain our inspiration.

Everything clicks; the farm is Harbour's home.

Harbour Brewing

Honouring the Classics

We are open-minded in our brewing. We seek inspiration from what has come before - from those who do it best - and we introduce a unique Harbour spin.

The classics are classic for a reason, but that's never to say we can't make them our own.

We push boundaries. We learn on a daily basis. We step back to leap forward, and we strive only to produce the best.

Delivering on flavour - it's what Harbour's about.

Canning Line Capacity Expansion

The grant support is an element of a major capital expenditure programme, including a canning line, boxing machine (cartoner), labelling machine and fermentation vessels. Funded by European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development.

European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development