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Our Core Range

Classic Beer Progressive Technique

Every brewery has its classics; The Harbour Brewing Co. is no different. We started life following tradition, and this select range of classic craft beers remains among our favourites to this very day.

These beers we brew, day-in, day-out. We love 'em because they're awesome. They are the bedrock of the Farm, and of Harbour Brewery.

Harbour Brewing Co
Harbour Brewing Co

Our beer is our responsibility, from grain to glass.

Our beer is our responsibility, from grain to glass. Just because its our core range doesn’t mean we don’t take the same amount of pride and care in the brewing process to brew the best classics we can.

Harbour Brewing

Honouring the Classics

We are open-minded in our brewing. We seek inspiration from what has come before - from those who do it best - and we introduce a unique Harbour spin.

The classics are classic for a reason, but that's never to say we can't make them our own.

We push boundaries. We learn on a daily basis. We step back to leap forward, and we strive only to produce the best.

Delivering on flavour - it's what Harbour's about.