Harbour x Hawksmoor x Open Gate Collab 12 PACK

Harbour x Hawksmoor x Open Gate Collab 12 PACK

Alc Various

3x Lemon Verbena is based on a traditional farmhouse Sasion that has a light body and dry finish. The addition of Lemon Verbena adds a sweet lemon flavour.

3x Barley wine is aged in American oak white wine barrels for no less than 6 months to give it a nice round body with plenty of boozy notes.

3x An oak barrel-aged beer, with the depth, complexity and tannins of a Rioja. The beer will was brewed with sour cherries, and fermented in foudres – large wooden barrels used most commonly in winemaking.

3x This was the first collaboration beer will be an alternative aperitif, based on the flavours of a gin and tonic – infused with herbs and botanicals

Since opening the Hinterland brewery we have collaborated with the Guinness Open Gate Brewery, and Hawksmoor to create a series of limited edition beers that are designed to push the boundaries of beer, and highlight its versatility as a drink that pairs perfectly with food.

The Open Gate Brewery and ourselves have combined our brewing skills, expertise and passion for innovation to create four beers, based around flavours that perfectly complement the most popular dishes on the menu at Hawksmoor.

Size - 375ml



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