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Special Editions

A Spin on Tradition

Beer brewing has evolved over the years with masters of the craft developing all manner of flavour combinations. We are fortunate enough to have met some of the best in the game, and our EXP Editions reflect the stories they've shared; told in our own words.

These are the small batch brews of an ever-expanding range. Keep eyes peeled as the selection grows; we'll have many adventures to unfold.

Harbour Brewing Co
Harbour Brewing Co

Stepping Out from the Ordinary

Many among us have only known craft beer for a decade at most; where the truth is, brewers have been perfecting the art for centuries - we were just slow to catch on.

With fields of hops to test, and the world more connected than ever, ideas spread overnight. So, we've made it our aim to bring you the most innovative beers on the market. We take inspiration from faraway lands while we share ideas of our own.

All in the name of delivering the best beer to you.

Frontier Brewing

We source our brewery equipment from the US: The ABE guys built the brew kit to our exacting specification. Giving us the quality, control and flexiability we need. Coupled with the strongest brewing team in the UK, we tread where others can't.

We have a 30bbl, four-vessel brewery using twenty-six tanks; we test with advanced lab equipment to ensure the cleanest, crispest finish; and we leave zero margin for error. This is brewing for the next generation.