24 Variety pack 2

24 Variety pack 2

Alc Various

4x Arctic Sky Cold IPA 4.0%  - A vibrant, light and refreshing unfiltered dry hopped IPA. Crisp and refreshing like a lager but with a sublte hop bitterness.

4x Classic Lager 4.0% of our Germanic style Lager using Perle, Tettnanger & Mittelfruh hops for a slight fruit hop aroma balanced beautifully with a robust malt backbone. Crisp, refreshing and moreish.

4x Big Wednesday 5.6% - A new hazy IPA with aromas of ripe tropical fruit and flavours of juicy mango & papaya. A nice soft mouth feel that is bold and robust

4x Antipodean IPA 5.5% A light golden India Pale Ale brewed with Best Pale malts and three hop varieties all from Australia and New Zealand including Perle, Victoria's Secret and Galaxy. A crisp and refreshing IPA with tropical fruit aromas and flavours with a zesty dryness to finish.

4x Last Of Summer Lager 5.5% A Collaboration with the Queer Brewing Project. A Vienna Style Lager finished with Lemon Verbena & Pineapple Sage to evoke memories of supping crisp lagers in the summer sun.

4x Five Summers APA 5.0% - An American style pale ale with a piney grapefruit aroma that leads to a smooth citrus flavour that finishes with a robust malt backbone.

Style - 24 pack ipa lager Multi Pack pilsner Slabs Specials

Aroma - See individual pack for details

Palate - See individual pack for details

Finish - See individual pack for details

Malts - See individual pack for details

Hops - See individual pack for details

Size - 330ml can



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