Mega Mix Pack 14 Beers

Mega Mix Pack 14 Beers

Alc Various

1 x Cornish Bitter 4.5% (1 Bottle) - Our Cornish Bitter is brewed with Vienna, Best Pale, Muich and Crystal Malts and hopped with Celeia, Citra, Cascade and Mittelfruh hops for a sweet and floral aroma, soft fruit flavour and a complex fruity hop finish.

1 x Ellensberg 4.3% (1 Bottle) - A firm favourite from our Core range. Ellensberg is brewed using Best Pale, Crystal and Munich malts with Mosaic, Perle and Amarillo hops for a bright golden IPA that is packed full of perfumed citrus fruit aromas a juicy, balanced citrus bite palate and dry but refreshing finish.

1 x Daymer 3.8% (1 Bottle) - named after a beautiful bay near the brewery - is a bright golden pale ale brewed with Sucrose and Vienna malts and uses Saaz, Celeia, Mosaic & Citra hops for a Pine & lemon aroma, jellied citrus fruit flavour and clean, crisp finish.

2 x Helles 4.5% (1 Bottle, 1 Can) - This multi award winning Helles Lager is brewed with Lager & Sucrose malts and the noble Saaz hop. Herbal, lemon and fresh grain aromas which is light and crisp with an elegantly brisk and dry finish is as close to a traditional Helles as possible.

1 x Pilsner 5% (1 Can) - is brewed with the very best lager malts and hopped with Perle, Tettnanger and mittelfruh to give an aroma of lemon, barley sugar and noble hops with a mouth-watering bittersweet flavour and finish long, clean and bittersweet.

2 x Antipodean 5.5% (2 Cans) - A light golden India Pale Ale brewed with Best Pale malts and three hop varieties all from Australia and New Zealand including Perle, Victoria's Secret and Galaxy. A crisp and refreshing IPA with tropical fruit aromas and flavours with a zesty dryness to finish.

2 x Little Rock 6.3% (2 Cans) - A darker IPA using Best Pale, Wheat, Munich and Crystal Malts with Mosaic, Citra, Perle, Simcoe, Equinox and Amarillo for a punchy boozy hop aroma that is warm, rich and citrussy with a bold, long finish.

2 x Puffin Tears 5.0% (2 Cans) - Puffin Tears IPA is a full and well balanced IPA with aromas of stoned fruit and citrus with a nice well rounded mouth feel that is full. It finishes with a well balanced and mouth watering hop bitterness.

2 x Helltown West Coast Pale 5.8% (2 Cans) Our take on the classic American West Coast pale ales that we love drinking. A robust malt backbone lays the way for waves of intense hop character, with the combination of Chinook, Centennial, Columbus and Citra. Leading to a long, dry and refreshing finish.

Style - ipa lager Multi Pack pilsner

Aroma - See individual pack for details

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Size - 330ml bottle