Hinterland beers....

Posted By Harbour Brewing

It’s been an amazing journey so far in the Hinterland brewery here at Harbour Brewing HQ, and we are super excited to be releasing three new beers from the Hinterland Brewery.

All of the beers that are being released are produced in very small batches using mixed cultures, wild native yeasts and in some cases whole fruits. Producing beer like this takes time and we want to allow the beer to come into its own.

Brewing in this way sometimes doesn’t need an end goal, we are looking at what ingredients the land around us is offering and how we can use them, we look at how the native micro flora to this region is reacting to what we are doing, we look at weather reports to understand what different airborne cultures might approach us (and to see if there is any surf) and working closely with the liquid every single step of the way until we feel it is the right time to package the beer at its best.

Because of this the beers we are producing are full of complexity, tart notes, sour pangs, fruity undertones. Everyone can appreciate something different from these beers and we hope that they surprise people in a way they haven’t had before.


Raspberry & Lemon Thyme Sour 5.5% (Only 400 bottles available)

A co-fermented whole fruit raspberry, lactobacillus sour and Belgium yeast with on skin contact for six weeks giving complexity. Finished with freshly pitched Lemon Thyme grown and picked on the farm that surrounds the brewery & tap room.


Coolship Saison 6.9% (Only 550 bottles available)

This Saison combines our native micro-flora captured using our mobile coolship and our house strain of saison yeast. Using time honoured techniques of allowing the wort to cool in the open ai rand pitching we make a classic saison that will get better as the wild yeast imparts complex and nuance flavours.


Coombeshead Farm Sourdough 6.7% (Only 500 bottles available)

Coombeshead Farm is a beautiful farm located just over the hill from the brewery.

We used their sourdough in the mash and fermented using Coombeshead sourdough culture mixed with our house saison culture.