Beer festival season!

Posted By Harbour Brewing

It only seems like yesterday we were chugging Lager and smashing pretzels at London Craft Beer Festival but it was over 2 weeks ago and what an event it was.

 Harbour Brewing at London Craft Beer Festival

We are so proud to have been invited to showcase our beer, brewed in Cornwall, to the beer drinkers of London. We decided quite early on that we only wanted to bring our Lagers, mainly because we believe we brew some of the best lager in the UK. Our brewer, Stuart Howe, has a wardrobe full of awards in lager brewing and his technical ability shows in the end product. We have recently won a gold award at the regional SIBA awards for our Pilsner and sales are on the up which is great to see.


The beer we went through the quickest was our Helles Lager and all kegs had gone by 8pm on Saturday night where The Keller Heller Bock at 7.0% took centre stage while System of a Down, Papa Roach, Blink 182 and any other American punk tunes we could think of pumped on the sound system while people bounced and chomped on pretzels.

 Harbour Brewing Brewery, Cornwall

Its only 4 weeks until Bristol Craft Beer Festival and this time we are planning on taking some totally different beer. Our Collaboration with Beavertown, Spruce Moose, a Norwegian inspired Table Beer beer brewed with Spruce, pine cones and a Kviek yeast strain, a Sour collaboration brewed with Magic Rock and all going well some fruit sours and of course a keg of the Helles.

 So what we are saying really is...... Thanks for coming and seeing us at the festivals. Its great to be able to get out of Cornwall and showcase our beer.

If Bristol is anything like London then we are all in for a good time.